Babies start building language skills at 8 months old.

Teaching babies about language uses the same principles as teaching kids with autism and speech impairments.

In fact, research from the Department of Human Development at Cornell suggests the following tips for parents and their language-learning babies:

* Attach words to objects. Labeling helps babies learn

* Engage your child with what is already the focus of their interest

* Use words to describe your actions

* Use words to describe your child’s actions

* Explore books to describe your child’s actions

* Read to your child!

* Talk to your baby often

* Play word games and explore books

Our CEO uses the same techniques with her son, Palmer, who has severe-autism and apraxia.

How a Mother Started a Startup in Silicon Valley.

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Current research strongly indicates that iPad use for babies and children with learning disabilities is extremely effective.

iPads are being incorporated into our schools at a rapid rate. Our CEO set out to create options in the classroom, and at home, creating speech-recognition games to motivate kids to use their voices.

Little did she know that she would be on the vanguard off creating this type of app.

She dreamed the impossible, and started a startup.