Speech Recognition - SR

SR is the ability of a computer to identify and respond to the sounds produced in human speech.

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Innovation for the Dis/Abled

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The world is using Siri, OK Google, Cortana and Amazon Echo to navigate a complex world.

Everybody deserves to navigate. Especially our children.

It’s simple. We need more options to help our kids practice using their voices to better communicate. The tools and games on the market today could be more innovative and intuitive.

When our CEO’s son, Palmer, fell in love with the iPad, she was ecstatic. Kids with autism have limited interests, and she knew she had to nurture this new-found love.

She began to search for iPad games to motivate her son to use his voice. And she couldn’t find any. So she set out to develop her own. Read her back-story.


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We are building iPad games with SR technology that supports verbal interaction with our kids.

Current research strongly suggests that early exposure to gadgets, such as the iPad, could actually benefit children from birth – as they begin to learn immediately. It would be logical to assume that children with developmental difficulties would greatly benefit as well.

SR technology impacts our daily lives. Leveraging existing SR technology to build more games that help people with learning difficulties shouldn’t be that difficult.

Check out our game.